I’m constantly photographing. I prefer film but will use digital for most commercial and editorial work. Currently I’m a student again, BFA in photography at Gothenburg University, Valand academy.

Contact me about all kind of photography; portrait, editorial, documentary, art, children, commercial, product, concerts, weddings and more.

Most photos are for sale, contact me for files or (darkroom) prints.


December 2019: SOUND#3, group exhibition, Göteborgs konstmuseum.

May 2019: Group exhibition, Gallery Rotor 2, Gothenburg.

January 2019: Group exhibition, Gallery Monitor, Gothenburg.

Permanent: Taverna Averna, Gothenburg.

June 2017: Konstrundan Styrsö-Donsö.

June 2016: Konstrundan Styrsö-Donsö.

April 2016: Long Gallery, University of Wolverhampton. Reclaim Photography West Midlands 2016.

November 2015: Galleri Gårda

June 2015: Gallery ISO, Jonsered.

August 2014: Planket, Gothenburg.

December 2013: Graduation show at First Hotel G, Gothenburg.

October 2013: Galleri UNIART, Gothenburg.

August 2013: Planket, Gothenburg.

November 2012: Sandeng Gallery, Gothenburg.

October-November 2012: Lundby Nya Kyrka, Gothenburg.

July 2011: Restaurant ‘Med Havet Intill’, Öland.

Publications and books:

2019: ‘Långa linjer’, a photo book/catalogue about expired materials, my fascination about ageing materials and how they bring me back to other eras simply by handling them, touch them, smell them and watch the results. Produced at Valand, available in one copy.

2017: Two publications produced in a publication course at Valand Academy; ‘Bilder av barn/Främmande land’, about children and thoughts about them and their world, and ‘MM’, about death – a kind of prelude to a coming, larger work about death, inspired by the death of my mother in 2016.

2014 – 2016: Götheborgske Spionen

2013: Hunger. Hambre Press AB.

2013: NSEW; http://www.blurb.com/b/4960308-nsew

2009: ‘Espresso hemma : på riktigt’. Columbus förlag. ISBN13: 9789185617135.

Other works:


2019: The album Årsringar with Ellinor & Leonor. Artwork.

2017: On our side with Christian Johansson. Artwork.

2015: MUKO jazz & folk music gala, Göteborgs stadsmuseum.

2014: Copies for Paal Henrik Ekern in the New Nordic Photography exhibition at Hasselblad Center.

2014: Oh yeah records. Artwork.

2013 & 2014: Musiker mot rasism concert photographer.

2013: MUKO jazz & folk music gala, Stora Teatern, Gothenburg.

2015: Represented by Mölndal municipality.


2018-2021: BFA in photography, Valand Academy.

2017: Publikationens utvidgade fält/Publicering som social praktik

2016: The analogue processes – course in developing and printing, black and white and colour process – University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy.

2014-2015: Photography, design and the creative process – University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy.

2012-2014: Professional Photographer – Fotoskolan Gothenburg.

2008: Visual Communications – Jönköping University.

2008: Digital Editing – Jönköping University.

1994-2002: Studied gardening, music etc.